trifecta of aroma, flavor and effect...THE DIFFERECE IS SCIENCE.

A Dynamic duo

What Brings X-tracted and Refine together is their shared understanding that to succeed, and emerging product must embody the highest quality, incredible aesthetic appeal and an unwavering consistency. This newly formed partnership has the tools, know-how and industry knowledge make them uniquely placed to meet the medical marijuana demand for potent and pure extracts.

Latest news

  • 02 apr2014
    Drake Dorm / MedicalJane
    There is no shortage of concentrate makers, although the level of quality can differ greatly. There are a few reasons for this difference, but the best concentrates often have a way of making themselves obvious. Read more...
  • 14 jul2013
    Gene Johnson / Associated Press
    Jim Andersen has a 40-year history with hashish, the concentrated cannabis sometimes referred to as the cognac of the marijuana world. When he served in the Air Force in Southeast Asia, he said he smuggled it home in his boots. Read more...
  • 02 may2013
    Wes Abney / Northwest Leaf
    Ounce for ounce, the highest-end Cannabis concentrates are surpassing the value of gold. No, really. A gram of concentrate can fetch about $60, while the same amount of lowly old gold bars would cost you only $47.36 as of press time. Read more...