Who is X-tracted?

X-tracted is a team of professionals, chemists, concentrate gurus and industry insiders dedicated to the production of the finest concentrated cannabis products found anywhere in the world. The X-tracted labs use food-grade handling from start to finish and a medical grade solvent, N-Tane, to ensure the outcome is virtually impurity-free.

What is Refine?

Refine is the absolute top-of-the-line concentrate available anywhere. Delicately concocted in the X-tracted labs, it is both a brand and a indicator of quality. Only when the trifecta of aroma, flavor and effect come together can a concentrate be considered REFINE. Often with THC testing in the 75% range, nearly zero trace amounts of residual solvents and made from exotic strains, this brand offers a truly unbeatable experience.

What do they do?

These two groups of marijuana visionaries have found the courage to combine their efforts, magnifying the results of their carefully honed process and creating shatters and waxes with truly unmatched color, consistency, smell and taste. They now expertly operating a sterile, state-of-the-art laboratory, connecting with Washington's top growers to locate ultra premium source material and bringing it to market with the intent of setting standards high for concentrates in this budding industry.

Why is that important?

If you are interested in cannabis products extracted from the most potent and flavorful source material, refined with lab grade equipment under the care of attentive, skilled extract artisans and then delivered to your local dispensary, check out our list of participating outlets or contact us at Justin@X-tracted.com

What Makes us different?

What Brings X-tracted and Refine together is their shared understanding that to succeed, and emerging product must embody the highest quality, incredible aesthetic appeal and an unwavering consistency. This newly formed partnership has the tools, know-how and industry knowledge make them uniquely placed to meet the medical marijuana demand for potent and pure extracts.